All You Need to Know About The Exciting iOS 12 Features

The world was rightly eyeing the WWDC 2018 as it was strongly expected to reveal the next iOS. If the rumors and the industry experts are to be believed, the iPhone manufacturer company had some raw intent to focus on improving the performance and not bringing out many new significant features. iOS 12, which is going to be the soul of the much talked about next iPhone is going to be a part of the same product line which received updates for iOS 11.

iOs12 features

Below are Some of the iOS 12 Features

Mono focus: Performance

Yes, you got it right. The product engineers at Apple strongly believe that the company needs to bring up their software game to harness the maximum potential of the hardware. The same hardware which makes the famous iPhone X. So the company is in a mood to not engage themselves rolling out new features but merely streamline their existing OS with a new look and feel.

Watch it…! The phone is counting

The newest version of the iOS brings in an all-new iOS 12 feature. It is a creatively designed functionality to keep a record of your app wise screen time, just like Google. The much talked about iOS 12 feature also presents to you a category-wise break down your of your total app usage. Furthermore, it also sends you notifications if you are approaching you weekly-set limit of the corresponding app. It is something beneficial for iPhone users as they can be conscious of the growing smartphone addiction in the workforce generation.

Notification Centre: ‘De-cluttered’

The specific iOS 12 feature is made to group all the app-wise notifications and lets you dismiss all the notifications from a particular app right after a convenient glance. This iOS 12 feature, in particular, has been designed to enable the iPhone user to have an idea of the most active mobile apps on their device. Eventually, it helps one prioritize notifications from different applications.

Enjoy conference (group) Facetime calls

This is one of the iOS 12 features (backlink) which was expected and needed for a long time. There are numerous applications which offer group video calling like Skype, Zoom but it was a much-needed feature in the iPhone considering the quality of FaceTime videos. With the iOS 12, you can expect your iPhone screen to accommodate numerous shrunk video call windows from multiple contacts. With this, you have a shared pool channel of communication for all the contacts involved group FaceTime call.

Bye, Bye Measuring Tape…!

This feature of iOS is looking to capitalizing on the newly added ARKit 2.0. The measure app launched in the iOS 12 makes use of high-quality iPhone camera and lets you measure any physical object along a distinct dimension. Apple seems to have an intent of flaunting their camera and your capabilities with the upcoming version of iOS.

The Final Word

It is going to be an exciting pompous show from the worlds most affluent mobile manufacturer as the company looks to manage a critical trade-off. It is a trade-off between newly added features and their objective of improving the performance and stability of the overall OS, Once the long drawn hussle of Apple developers imparts a whole new world of goodness into the iPhone, the user experience is an aspect which is most likely to skyrocket with the upcoming subversions of the iOS 12.

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