Fun Filled Activities at Fujairah City Tour

Fun Filled Activities at Fujairah City Tour

UAE is a country which has a lot of famous states. UAE is a very developed nation and when a nation gets developed so, of course, it starts constructing its buildings, beaches, malls, parks, etc. UAE has a number of famous states inside it. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah and many more. So among these famous states, Fujairah city is one of those countries which is known for its uniqueness and its beauty. This is a country which is worth visiting. Though the town itself may be a grid pattern of high-rise workplace blocks, abundant pride and fine restoration work have been placed into the few historic attractions – the Al-Bidyah house of worship and Fujairah Fort being 2 wonderful highlights of a visit here. But well if keep saying that this city is this much beautiful and that much beautiful so nobody will believe it, so of course a detailed explanation of each and every place that Fujairah has to offer is required.

Let’s talk about all the places that one should visit in their Fujairah city tour:

First comes the Al-Bidyah Mosque:
It is a very old mosque of Fujairah and is known for its beauty. It has the number of beautiful art done by architects. Is found at the north side of Fujairah and was populated for over a number of years.

Then comes the Fujairah fort:
It is one of the oldest forts here at Fujairah. Also, the largest one amongst all. It is a place worth visiting. It is a fort which was occupied by Wahhabists back then. It is a major tourist attraction of Fujairah.

After that comes the Bithnah Fort:
It is located in the Wadi Ham. It is known for its large capacity. Like it is the second largest fort. Many of the wars are fought here back then. And this fort has a lot of history attached to it. Anyone who is interested in knowing the history of Fujairah then they should definitely visit this place.

Then comes the Fujairah Museum:
Whenever somebody talks about the Fujairah museum the only word that can come in anyone’s mind is of the famous archaeological sites and its history. Like a person who loves to know about the history of places so he or she should definitely pay a visit to Fujairah Museum once. A single visit is enough to know about all the history of Fujairah City.
So this was the description of all the places that one should definitely visit in their Fujairah City tour. If you are planning to visit UAE so do keep in mind of visiting Fujairah city. And after that, if you will worry which tour operator to choose so we are here to host you and give you the best experience of your lifetime. Trust me you would not regret this decision of yours.
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