World Of Tanks Not Loading Problem/ World Of Tanks Install Problems

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Welcome to technical blog posts. Today, we will discuss things to do to deal with World Of Tanks Not Loading Problem/ World Of Tanks Install Problems.

Inability in playing the legendary tank shooter game World Of Tanks is perhaps the worst nightmare of a gamer. The 7vs7 team battles game is one of a kind. It attracts players to go an extra mile and put in their best. Thus, anything that hinders in this pursuit needs to be addressed immediately. The best way to resolve World Of Tanks not loading problem is to follow this guide which is tried and tested by hundreds of gamers.

In order to deal with World of Tanks Game issues, it is best to understand what exactly the problem the user is facing. As there is a particular solution for kind of problem or issue faced.

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World Of Tanks Not Loading Problem

Problem Running World of Tanks

As it is true for any software, so it is true for this game. It may be prone to glitches. Sometimes even an altogether unknown and unheard-of problem comes up. It may be related to software or hardware. Here under are the most common types of issues faced by users which are related to ‘not loading’ problem of this game.

  • The game gets stuck and ‘connecting to Game Center…’ is displayed on the screen. At times, this could even last for 20 minutes.
  • Some users have also reported that the game could not load and there was no response even after they pressed the start game icon.

Possible Reasons Why The Game Fails To Load

The game is not able to load properly and shows error or does not show anything on the screen because of the following possible causes.

  • The system is not able to read or process the installation files properly. In this kind of scenario, the system itself has some errors which prevent it from reading/processing the game files correctly.
  • The game setting required to run the game may have been configured incorrectly.
  • The operating system may have some problem with its setting called as ‘registry setting.

Based on the above as well as many other causes reported by gamers worldwide.

World Of Tanks Not Loading Problem

Here is a handy checklist of things you should do to make the game working again.

  •  It may seem to be a less-technical solution, but a lot of users have solved big problems with a simple restart. Close all programs and restart the system.
  • There may be some problem with the internet connection or the connection may be slow. Check your internet connection and try again.
  • A lot of users were also able to resolve this problem by updating their system. Go to System Updates (Windows, iOS or Linux) and then update the system.
  • Reinstalling the game: Backup saved games (if you have any) and uninstall to reinstall the game.
  • Update graphics drivers
  • Clean System Registry: This might require some technical knowledge as changing wrong registry setting may prevent the operating system from working. It is easy to do this with the help of registry cleaner software. Install the software, backup registry and clean registry setting related to World of Tanks.

Hope the above-mentioned solutions have helped you in solving problem running World of Tanks.

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